In-flight dating app ready for takeoff

In-flight dating app ready for takeoff

An in-flight dating app claims it will change the way travellers network over the next decade.

AirDates claims to fulfil a demand for meeting like-minded individuals in alternative situations, such as airport terminals and aircraft.

The iOS app allows users to not only connect on the ground, but also to continue their conversation in an offline surrounding, by using Bluetooth multi-peer connectivity to create a network of inter-connected devices.

The Bluetooth multi-peer connectivity technology allows travellers to connect to other users, in order to arrange a date, network or simply share a taxi, “with individuals that are like-minded and open to new situations and surroundings”.

The start-up is part of London-based EMCT Investments, which was founded last year to provide an alternative global communication tool and “revolutionise the modern dating experience”.

Chief executive and founder, Michael Richard, said: “The app not only allows the traveller to connect to new people, but to revolutionise his or her entire travel experience, by continuing the conversation on board the aircraft.”

Co-founder, Nadia Ciobanu, added: ‘The growing amount of frequent travellers, regardless of business or for pleasure, paired with the fundamental human need to meet and connect to new people provides the basis for this venture and is essentially prone to change the way we travel and network throughout the next decade.”

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