SnapShot’s hotel analytics platform gets €25 million backing

SnapShot’s hotel analytics platform gets €25 million backing

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Hotel data and demand management specialist SnapShot has raised €25 million in capital funding from China to develop a line of new analytics tools.

SnapShot will build the first hotel analytics platform designed for hotels of any size by September 2016 with this latest round of funding from Beijing Shiji Information Technology (Shiji Networks).

SnapShot co-founder and chief operating officer, David Turnbull, said: “With this funding we have the resources to build the perfect platform for hotels wanting to leverage big data and gain deeper insight into their hotel’s demand. We want to empower hotels with the tools they need to make better data-driven decisions.”

This second round of funding will help scale existing solutions to hotels around the world.

Shiji Networks, which provides IP solutions for more than 6,000 hotels across China, is expanding rapidly via incorporating services such as those provided by SnapShot.

Chairman, Li Zhongchu, said: “We are very optimistic about partnering with SnapShot, especially given the expansive and innovative uses of analytics to help hotels manage demand.

“Our recent partnering with Alibaba’s Alitrip Travel site is further evidence of Shiji’s commitment to provide tools that improve revenue and guest experience for our clients.”

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