Amadeus launches Agency Insight to help agents get to grips with Big Data intelligence

Amadeus launches Agency Insight to help agents get to grips with Big Data intelligence

Amadeus has launched a new set of products designed to help agents benefit from the wealth of data available to them about the market and their customers.

Amadeus Agency Insight is a business intelligence suite of products and services developed by Amadeus Travel Intelligence.

Amadeus said it will help online and offline agents exploit so-called Big Data technologies by taking market and traveller data and turning it into actionable insights around.

Sitting behind the new services is the Amadeus Travel Intelligence Engine, a bespoke cloud-based Big Data platform built by Amadeus for the travel industry.

Today’s global launch saw the first first two modules in the Agency Insight suite go live. These are Search Analysis and Booking Analysis.

Search Analysis gives agencies instant insight into their customers’ travel intentions by analysing search data.

This allows agencies to identify the most popular destinations, travel dates, and trip duration.

Booking Analysis enables agencies to benchmark themselves in the market and evaluate the competition, and also reveals trends on growing routes and airlines.

Early adopter of the new products include Costamar, Makemytrip, Despegar, Tije, Delfos and Travelfast.

Gerardo Concas, president of Costamar, said: “Deep understanding of the data and information we handle each day is critical to making good business decisions.

“Amadeus’s approach to travel intelligence allows us to achieve this understanding and benefit from greater insight, without requiring us to maintain a staff of specialised data analysts.

“This is key to effectively identify new revenue opportunities globally as well as to incorporate market and traveller insights into business planning, development and implementation.”

Pascal Clement, head of travel intelligence at Amadeus, said: “In today’s business, knowledge is power.

“Understanding how travellers search and book for travel is vital for travel players. Search Analysis and Booking Analysis will empower travel agents to leverage data and target the right travellers at the right time.

“From a business perspective, this also helps travel agents increase their value to their partners.

“Innovative insights emerge from the vast array of data that can be handled by our Travel Intelligence Engine, without which customers can only see part of the picture.”

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