Travel recruitment firm plans social network

Executive recruitment specialist Harp Wallen is to create an online forum for travel employees as part of the launch of its FlexExec Register.

The register is designed to fill a growing gap in the market for employees looking for non-fixed roles such as systems integration management, non-executive roles or contract work for online start-ups.

Initially Harp Wallen is creating a dedicated page on its website,, for FlexExec but there are plans to extend that into a full portal enabling employees to network with each other and share experiences.

Harp Wallen’s managing director Kristina Wallen said: “There is a big increase in demand for interim projects and there are many examples where interim or part-time resource is the best solution.”

She also said that the need for companies to adapt was increasing because by 2010 only one-third of the employable workforce would be male and under 45.

The FlexExec Register will have more than 200 vetted candidates on its books who are looking for interim or some form of flexible working.

Recruitment and marketing specialist Ian Nash will oversee the launch of the register.

Nash said: “It’s a solution companies should be seriously considering because it can bring in expertise quickly.”

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