Sabre promises raft of new services

Global distribution giant Sabre is seeking to “out-think” the rest of the market through a series of innovations under development including boosting the volume of flight information.

The group is working on a number of projects enabling its customers as well as its own brands to remain competitive.

Sabre vice president and chief innovator Dr Ben Vinod said: “The most important thing is to be competitive and to out-think the competition. What are they doing and what would I do in their shoes? A sense of paranoia is always good for the business.”

According to Dr Ben Vinod the company is seeking ways to improve the accuracy of online availability and price searches on websites through increasingly sophisticated algorithims.

Sabre is also developing technology to increase the amount of information airlines can display on the GDS so that agents can provide consumers with detailed product knowledge.

“Airlines don’t want agents to just sell a seat because they have four distinct types of product and the challenge is how to get this information to the agent so they can explain it to the consumer.”

He also spoke about the growing importance of text mining as a means to make money out of user generated content in the future.

“We want it to go back and mine for key words so we can promote a certain destination because we don’t have unlimited marketing budgets. It’s taking all this UGC and trying to make money out of it and drive incremental bookings.”

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