City Inn extends digital room services

Town centre lifestyle hotel brand City Inn plans to extend its iMac in-room system across its portfolio of hotels in April.

The multi-media system provides guests with television, DVD and CD player, radio, broadband internet access, skype and a range of other Apple applications including iPhoto from one device.

City Inn unveiled the iMac technology at its Manchester property last May.

The hotel company joined forces with Apple and software company, DirectStreams, which designed the front-end user navigation, to develop the iMac system.

An iSight camera has also been built into the technology enabling guests to conduct small meetings from their rooms or keep in touch with family.

City Inn managing director Huw O’Connor said: “It’s about giving the customer what they really want rather than what the industry wants to give them. ”

He added in-room entertainment had been lagging way behind and that off-the-shelf systems had proved unsuccessful for the company. 

“There are a lot of systems based on pay-per-view. We had one of those systems and the take-up was something like 2%.”

City Inn includes the iMac technology and broadband internet access in its room rates.

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