Sabre builds social network for business travellers

Sabre builds social network for business travellers

Sabre Travel Network plans to launch an online community for business travellers called Cubeless towards the middle of this year.

The distribution giant has used its employees to test the Cubeless platform as its own in-house social networking platform for the past few months.

The platform is designed to enable employees, of businesses worldwide, who are on the road, to share knowledge and best practice about travel as well as other common interests.

The plan is for Cubeless to be unveiled in the middle of this year and Sabre has joined forces with American Express Business Travel for the initial launch.

Cubeless will be offered as a part of Sabre’s GetThere corporate booking tool, already used by American Express Business Travel. However, the distribution giant also plans to develop further community tools targeting other areas within travel.

Sabre said it envisaged travellers using Cubeless to access advice on services from local restaurants to reliable wireless internet access from people with similar travel policies and who have experience of visiting the same locations.

A spokeswoman for Sabre said the concept had been opened up to a handful of multi-national customers who hoped to use it to foster internal relationships and build morale.

She added that software combining the social networking element with other travel components would be ready by the middle of 2008.

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