Travel Counsellors to overhaul dynamic packaging system

Travel Counsellors is planning to build up its Phenix dynamic packaging system with additional content in the next few months.

The home-working network will launch escorted tours content within weeks and cruise before the end of the year.

According to managing director Steve Byrne, Travel Counsellors is trying to ‘globalise’ its content to leverage its negotiating power and gain global deals going forward.

The next release of Phenix will also bring back holiday options based on consumer and travel counsellors’ recommendations.

Byrne said the technology would evolve from being a price comparison tool into much more of an information and content tool.

He also said 70% of what Travel Counsellors sells is tailor-made short-haul and long-haul holidays with Phenix accounting for about half of that.

Byrne anticipated 50% of total sale would be transacted through the system within two years.

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