reveals February launch date

Travel social network will launch on February 25th after successfully securing a first round of private investment and deals to provide travel search and booking functionality.

The Bournemouth-based operation, headed by managing director James McDowell, sales director Harry Ramburn and operations director Michael Waylett, has attracted over 15,000 pre-registered users and is expecting 75,000 by launch day.

The site is planning to have flight, hotel, car hire, theatre and restaurant booking facilities for launch and will also include an insurance cover option.

A booking plug-in for travel products will be run with ecommerce software from IBM and data from Worldspan.

OFF2 also revealed this week that a loyalty programme will be added which allows members to accrue points for publishing product recommendations or reviews on the site, uploading and tagging of video, and booking flights or hotels.

The initial injection of capital for the project came from two private angel investors in Dorset, McDowell said.

“So far we have successfully received £350,000 in seed capital and are now looking for second round funding to enable us to develop the site further and also gain a market position both in the UK and the US,” he added.

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