Instagram users challenged to create travel guides on a Budget

Instagram users challenged to create travel guides on a Budget

A team of 28 Instagram users have been challenged by Budget Car Rental to create series of travel guides with less than £162, the average amount needed to spend on a weekend.

Instagramers from the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Germany and Italy took part in the #GreatWeekend challenge earlier this year.

This resulted seven social travel guides being created on Instagram.

More than 200 photos were shared by the teams using the hashtag #GreatWeekend within 48 hours, and over nine locations had been visited across the seven countries.

The images have been viewed, liked and shared by nearly 1.5 million people across Europe.

Samantha Lee, head of marketing and intermediaries at Budget UK, said: “We teamed up with some very talented Instagramers who love to explore and capture the amazing things they experience, to help show some of the greatest places to visit across Europe.

“We want to open up the world and inspire people to have more great weekends by showing spontaneous adventures for those on a budget.”

The UK team were: Tun Shin Chang (@tschang), Samee Lapham (@samsette), Jennifer Wiersma (@jenniferelizabeth_) and Kim Leuenberger (@kim.ou) and they chose to explore the great outdoors by basing themselves in the Cotswolds.

Together, they captured 15 pictures, including walks down country lanes, thatched-roofed cottages and Arlington Row, which features on the first page of the British Passport.

The car rental company will be expanding the social travel guide series to feature more destinations later in the year.

The initiative follows research which found that only 17% of people had a new experience over a weekend in the last month.

The top ten things that stop people from having more great weekends are: not having enough money (51%), not enough time (25%), work (20%), being stuck in a routine (20%), having no friends or friends not being available (16%), laziness (15%), lack of planning (15%), needing to look after children (9%), being in a relationship (6%) and worrying about missing out on something else if you plan too far in advance (5%).

“Our ambition is for these travel guides to become an ever-growing source of great weekend inspiration. We wanted to show what is possible without a lot of pre-planning or needing to break the bank,” Lee said.

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