Sabre seeks growth with Turkish Airlines tie-up

Sabre seeks growth with Turkish Airlines tie-up

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Sabre is looking to accelerate growth in Turkey by signing a new technology deal with Turkish Airlines.

It builds on the carrier’s use of the technology company’s Flight Plan Manager solution, which has been in use for six years.

The latest agreement aims to further streamline the airline’s operations by providing cost savings and supporting key flight planning decisions.

Sabre Flight Plan Manager brings together real-time information on a number of key variables – including weather, air space restrictions, aircraft performance and schedule information – and then calculates the most optimal flight route relative to the variables.

The automation supports flight plan decision-making, enabling airlines to address ongoing concerns, such as fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Ahmet Bolat, chief investment and technology officer of Turkish Airlines, said: “Our vision is to become one of the leading airlines in the world, and having the right technology in place is essential to achieve this.

“For the past six years, Sabre’s Flight Plan Manager has been an integral tool in supporting us to automate the collation of substantial flight planning data.

“This has helped us to strike that difficult balance between reducing operational costs whilst also providing an enhanced flight experience for both our passengers and crew.

“Working with Sabre enables us to work towards our vision of creating a truly connected airline, with all operations supporting each other to improve overall decision-making.”

Dino Gelmetti, vice president of Sabre Airline Solutions EMEA, said: “Turkish Airlines is enjoying increasing success in the regions that it serves and has a clear strategy for continued growth.

“Sabre is fully committed to helping Turkish deliver that strategy by providing technology that can help it streamline its operations and increase revenue.

“Furthermore, we recognise Turkey as one of the strongest and most exciting emerging nations in EMEA and an important market for global business; we have recently launched an office in Istanbul to take advantage of the growth opportunities within this dynamic market and better serve our clients that operate within the region.”

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