Moxie survey finds positive response to live chat across all age groups

Moxie survey finds positive response to live chat across all age groups

Moxie Software has found that 70% of Britons want live chat for booking holidays and travel online, including the older generations.

The survey, commissioned by the software platform company and conducted by Harris Poll, found that 60% of 1,000 British adults asked, expect to book travel online in 2015 and that 56% would book travel online more often if companies offered assistance on their websites.

The study also shows that 70% of British adults who booked travel online in the past 12 months believe that having the option to connect with a company representative via live chat would be more personal and effective when trying to complete a travel specific task.

The preference for assistance was found consistently in older and younger adults – 85% of 18-34 year olds and 71% of those aged 45 and older.

Suzy Epps, head of travel IT for Saga, said: “People of all ages are turning, in increasing numbers, to the web when researching holiday destinations and making bookings.”

“To complement our online experience, we need technologies that help us deliver exceptional levels of customer service and engagement. Moxie Live Chat has helped us enhance our customers’ online experience.”

Other themes highlighted by the study include:

• That 64% of British adults would do more business with a company that tailored online communication to them personally.
• Those aged 45+ are more likely to consider it helpful if useful information presents itself to them based on what they are doing online, than those aged 25-44.
• There is a need for travel companies to bolster online customer engagement as consumers embrace mobile technologies.

“When booking travel online, consumers – many of whom are on their mobile devices, are required to think and act as travel agents, understanding price options, cancellation policies, etc., with no assistance,” said Rebecca Ward, president and chief executive of Moxie.

“Using digital engagement, our customers have been able to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction by staffing their websites and mobile stores.”

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