Hotelogix makes case for cloud based Property Management System

Hotelogix makes case for cloud based Property Management System

Property Management System Hotelogix has set out the case for cloud technology, particularly for smaller hotels.

While may have a bias toward the technology being a cloud PMS itself, its reasoning could be useful for hoteliers looking to move away from simpler systems, which do not go much further than reservations and billing.

Aditya Sanghi, chief executive of Hotelogix, said: “Smaller hotels and independent operators have struggled for years to compete with the big brands and remain profitable.

“They are looking for the right tools to manage their property better and sell more rooms online.

“Existing legacy solutions are holding these properties back from reaching out to customers in real-time, and as a result, they are losing online customers.

“The high initial costs associated with managing on-premise technology is also a deterrent to a small hotelier.

“This has led to the rise of the cloud PMS, a modern and agile tool that gives small and medium-sized enterprises a level playing field with the larger brands.”

Hotelogix’s five main arguments are as follows:

Better control over business
Cloud based PMSs are both technologically ready and a natural fit to collaborate with online marketplaces for real-time distribution.

Expanded market research
For small and mid-sized hotels, dealing with multiple online distribution systems poses a big challenge. A centralised system delivered via the cloud allows interoperation between departments to happen in real-time.

Increased guest experience
Automating operations and distribution would give independent hoteliers more time to focus on the guest experience.

Better cost controls
By opting for a cloud-based PMS, owners can reap faster returns on their investments, as cloud solutions cut down on IT, maintenance, infrastructure and manpower costs.

Anytime anywhere access
A cloud-based PMS enables hoteliers to access the business anywhere and at any time.

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