Find visa applications a hassle? There’s now an app for that

Find visa applications a hassle? There’s now an app for that

UK firm eGoVisa has developed an app which it claims will transform the process of applying for visas.

VisaPort has been developed to take the hassle and time out of applying for visas, providing a one-stop-shop for 15,000 visa types for 34,000 embassies worldwide.

The system means applications can be made at the touch of a button via the free app using passenger information, including biometric data, securely stored by VisaPort.

EGoVisa has spent the last four years developing VisaPort and says it has invested a seven-figure sum on development, having partnered with travel providers and insurance services.

Ghassan Matar, chief executive of eGoVisaGroup, said: “I know from personal experience that applying for a visa in a number of countries worldwide is far from straightforward and can be a stressful, time consuming and frustrating experience.

“The sheer volume of information and level of detail required by some countries can be daunting.

“Our objective with the app is to take the pain out of the application process by taking the visa applicant through a clear, comprehensive, intuitive and secure process that results in the traveller meeting the exact entry needs of their destination country.

“For a nominal fee the traveller can save a lot of time and stress while contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gases”

VisaPort allows applications to be made either electronically or in hard copy form and is constantly updated as entry requirements change.

It charges $25 per application and can handle complex travel arrangement where members of a family are travelling on different itineraries.

The app also has a facility for reporting lost, stolen or mislaid passports direct to the Embassy. The Embassy can then cancel or suspend the passport until it is recovered.

In addition, it offers airline and hotel bookings through a partnership with Amadeus and Expedia, as well travel advice, and can act as a travel planning tool.

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