Phocuswright Europe: Expedia study provides insight on how travel content is accessed

Phocuswright Europe: Expedia study provides insight on how travel content is accessed

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Nearly 73% of the UK population that engage with digital content on tablets, smartphones, tablets and PCs, are accessing travel content, a study commissioned by Expedia Media Solutions has found.

The results of the study, carried out by comScore, were revealed at the Phocuswright conference in Dublin this week and showed that among the 25 million people using mobile devices to access travel content monthly, 70% access it via smartphone only and 14% use both smartphone and tablet.

The research also found that mobile devices are being used across all travel stages, but content engagement varies between tablets and smartphones. A total of 66% of mobile users engage with travel via the browser, but 21% do access travel content only through the app. Tablets are consistently used across all travel stages.

Mobile usage – especially on tablets – peaks during primetime, the study found, while PC leads engagement throughout the workday.

When it comes to making purchases, the research found more online transactions occurred on tablets than the previous year and in the past six months, 36% of tablet owners in the UK have booked travel on their tablet, compared to 16% on smartphone.

The final area of study was the purpose of consumers browsing, with the findings indicating that UK travellers are more likely to consume travel content for fun – 18% of mobile owners intentionally click on a mobile ad primarily because they found it relevant to a product or service of interest, or it caught their attention

Speaking to Travel Weekly at the conference, Noah Tratt, global senior vice president of media solutions at Expedia said that on mobile devices, users spend far more time on apps than in a browser.

“People are more engaged with app content”, said Tratt.

“The time spent in an app is longer than in a browser –consciously deciding to download an app and opening it shows more commitment.

“On smartphones people spend 30.1 minutes in an app and 8.6 minutes in a browser, so three times as much time.“They spend 20.3 minutes on average on an app on tablet and 13.1 minutes on a tablet.”

Expedia has launched responsive design so that when a website shows up in a browser, it adapts to whatever size screen it is shown on.

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