TripAdvisor reviews set for VisitLondon site

VisitLondon has teamed up with TripAdvisor to become the first tourist board to provide user-generated reviews on its website.

From January, users of will be able to view the five most recent reviews of hotels and attractions, as posted on the TripAdvisor site. As on TripAdvisor itself, businesses will have the right of reply.

The partnership will also allow for more features, such as ‘top 10 rated hotels’ and ‘top 10 visitor attractions’.

The Expedia-owned user review website recently saw its content integrated into Thomson Holidays and earlier this year launched an RSS feed system for specific hotels so third party sites can stream reviews directly into websites.

TripAdvisor brand distribution director Nathan Clapton said: “London is the most talked about city in TripAdvisor’s forums and we are looking forward to distilling our recommendations and opinions into TripAdvisor Top 10s for Visit London each month.”

Visit London chief executive James Bidwell said: “User reviews guide consumer decision making and we are pleased to be the first official visitor organisation to respond to the requirements of visitors by teaming up with TripAdvisor. Visit London plans to continue this momentum in the lead up to and beyond the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Since the relaunch of in July, the number of visitors to the site has grown from 750,000 to more than 1 million.

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