Travolution Technology Special Edition

The December 2007 edition of Travolution magazine is a special issue dedicated to technology.

What are the main issues? Who is driving the innovation in the industry? Who will be left behind? What to do in a crisis?

Cover feature:

Travel and mobile – The growth in web technology has widened consumers’ access to data – but how ready is the travel industry to embrace mobile and how can it be used to capture the attention of an information-rich audience? David Bicknell reports.

Other articles:

Time to talk the same language – The industry has yet to find a common platform for distribution. So why is it taking so long and, with the continuing development of technology, is there still a need for it? Linda Fox finds out more.

Re-wrapping the dynamic package – As consumers’ expectations get higher, so search is becoming more ‘intelligent’. Tricia Holly Davis looks at how the dynamic package era will evolve as technology improves.

Is your website stuck in traffic? – If your website experienced a surge in traffic, would it be able to cope? Or would consumers be left out in the cold, seeking solace from your competitors? Piers Ford looks at how contingency planning can help mitigate a sudden system overload.

Progress on the front line – As the web has evolved, so has the role of the e-commerce manager. Dinah Hatch finds out how the job has massively changed in recent years.

A game of two halves – Despite the web being a significant distribution channel, many firms are only now integrating their front and back-end systems. Ross Bentley reports.


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