Holiday internet access ‘an expectation’, Webloyalty research finds

Holiday internet access ‘an expectation’, Webloyalty research finds

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Good internet access on holiday “is now an expectation” according to e-commerce firm Webloyalty.

New research into online holiday habits, commissioned by the company, has revealed that four out of five Britons do not go away without their online devices, and once they arrive, they are using them more than ever.

The research shows that 84% of Britons now stay connected to the internet when they go on holiday, with 51% using a smartphone or tablet abroad.

More than 35% of people take a laptop away, 24% of people buy extra data and only 16% turn off all their devices.

The TNS-compiled ‘Digital Destinations’ report, which surveyed 1,000 UK consumers, reveals the scale of the challenges for travel and leisure brands as consumer behaviour shifts.

However, while issues such as a lack of free Wi-Fi cause gripes for customers, greater online engagement on holiday presents an opportunity for brands to engage with consumers through new channels.

The research revealed that 39% of Britons abroad upload photos from their destination, 23% use the internet to read restaurant reviews and 33% now plan or book holiday activities online after arriving.

Guy Chiswick, managing director of Webloyalty Northern Europe, said: “Constant access to the web is a feature of our daily lives and we no longer expect this to change just because we are in a different country.

“Accessing free Wi-Fi, buying tickets online, checking-in on devices, and interacting with brands on social media is now an expectation when we’re on holiday. “The travel and leisure industry must keep up with consumer demand for constant connectivity.

“Brands need to understand the digital channels their customers are using, and evolve their marketing strategies accordingly to deliver coordinated and consistent experiences on and offline.”

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