Social insights into consumer’s holiday buying behaviour revealed

Social insights into consumer’s holiday buying behaviour revealed

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Analysis of more than one million social media conversations reveals that almost a quarter (23%) of travel conversations take place on holiday and 27% when back at home, predominantly across Facebook and Twitter.

This conversation motivates 37% of people to make a travel purchase based on customer reviews and feedback.

Research by Statista shows that 44% of 18-34 year olds and 28% of those aged between 35-49 said they were likely to seek opinions via social media when travel planning.

Added to that, a recent Facebook study revealed that 68% of consumers agree that reviews give them the confidence to book a holiday, with 76% saying that reviews offer insider knowledge not available elsewhere.

As a result, a huge opportunity presents itself for travel brands to capitalise on the social conversations taking place in the ‘experience’ and ‘post purchase’ stages of the customer journey, according to social media consultancy Immediate Future.

The year-long study monitored customer conversations mentioning travel, flights, hotels and associated keywords to March 2015.

It found a clear pattern regarding the volume of social content produced throughout the customer journey and how that content influences consumers who are in the planning stages of their holidays.

Katy Howell, chief executive of Immediate Future, said: “By drilling deeper into the customer journey and taking into consideration peak conversation times and the key emotions expressed at those times, brands can create annual content plans that deliver tangible results.

“For example, unsurprisingly most of the UK talks about being on holiday in June, July and August but the desire for a holiday peaks in April, June and September.

“Brands who don’t capitalise on this sentiment are missing a trick when it comes to increasing ROI through social.”

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