Thomas Cook uses predictive analytics to enhance personalisation

Thomas Cook uses predictive analytics to enhance personalisation

Thomas Cook in Germany has started using predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions from Blue Yonder to provide customers with an enhanced tailored offering.

Predictive applications automate decisions based on current and historical data in real-time, to make processes more efficient.

This means the accuracy of demand forecasts are permanently optimised with the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

The technology can also analyse complex relationships in order to draw conclusions about future customer behaviour. This takes into account both internal and external data sources.

Christian Lang, head of business intelligence central Europe at Thomas Cook, said: “The continuing digitisation of our economy and consequent changes in customer behaviour require new business models and processes.

“It is more important than ever to keep a long-term view of market shares in the growing global competitive marketplace.”

Peter Eck, sales vice president at provider Blue Yonder, said: “Blue Yonder’s predictive applications are becoming more in demand as companies in all sectors increasingly recognise the need for accurate insights into their customers’ behaviour and product preferences to keep them ahead of the game in a commercially volatile and technologically advanced global economy.

“Thomas Cook is making sure that it has the best technology solutions in place to respond effectively to customer demand, deliver an enhanced customer service and ensure it remains a leading travel service operator on the global stage.”

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