Post Office’s Apple Watch app offers currency conversion

Post Office’s Apple Watch app offers currency conversion

Image via Shutterstock

A currency converter for the new Apple Watch has been developed by the Post Office.

The app can be used by voice, tap or touch and hosts a ‘how much is that’ converter, even when offline.

It gives access to live daily exchange rates for up to 70 currencies.

Buy-back exchange rates also feature, so that users can calculate how much their unused currency is worth.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said: “Our new free currency converter app is a great tool for holidaymakers this summer, helping people budget before, during and after their holiday.

“The simply currency converter allows the Apple Watch wearer to find out how much something costs instantly.

“There is no need to worry about roaming charges as the rates are stored offline so holidaymakers can see currency values and calculate prices without internet access.”

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