Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ to punish non-optimised travel sites

Google ‘Mobilegeddon’ to punish non-optimised travel sites

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Travel industry websites which are not optimised for mobiles and tablets may start falling down Google rankings this week after changes in the way the search engine giant ranks sites.

Starting from this week, Google results for mobile searches will take into account websites’ performance on mobile devices.

That means that those which perform poorly on mobiles will be demoted.

According to the Financial Times, some search engine optimisation experts have dubbed the shift “Mobilegeddon”, and predicted that those not ready for the change will suffer heavily.

Sam Silverwood-Cope of web analytics company Pi-Datametrics told the FT that companies “had to get it right”.

But he also warned that the introduction of the new algorithm would take time to complete, and businesses should therefore also be cautious about making kneejerk changes.

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