Trivago unveils app combining hotel booking with dating

Trivago unveils app combining hotel booking with dating

An all-in-one hotel booking service and dating app is being unveiled today by hotel search engine trivago.

Trivago Match allows users to save money on their hotel room by finding someone to share it with during the booking process.

“We wanted to both optimise the hotel search for our single travellers and make their hotel stay more affordable,” the company said after discovering that one in four users select single rooms.

“After an initial test on Valentine’s Day, we tested a random sample on each of our 50 international country platforms over a period of 30 days. The results were conclusive and we have decided to go ahead with the process.”

The user must sign in via their social media account. Once a single room has been selected, the user will be asked if they would prefer to share a double room.

If the answer is yes, a list of people searching for the same destination appears. The user can filter the potential matches based on their interests, such as music enthusiast or food lover.

If there is a match, both users will proceed to the booking process together.

Head of product Andrej Lehnert said: “We saw all the current dating apps and spotted a great opportunity. Why not enable people who love travel to find love while travelling?

“Trivago Match makes travelling more affordable and enables you to find your ideal hotel and your ideal travel partner.”

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