STA Travel moves to single offline platform

Dublin-based technology company Datalex has developed a new distribution platform for STA Travel.

The system will manage STA’s offline channels across all of its 400 locations in about 18 countries worldwide.

Prior to the development of the system STA had different systems in play across different geographic locations.

The distribution platform is GDS neutral and enables each STA location to decide which suppliers to connect to, while also opening up negotiated airfares to the whole group.

The system will also improve the selling process for STA consultants and customers by employing graphics at the front end and bringing in a more seamless experience.

Dolphin Dynamics’ DTM platform will continue to be a core part of a system implemented alongside the Datalex platform.

Datalex senior vice-president of sales Aidan Brogan said: “It can make the same product available online and offline. If a customer decides to transact in one location or online they can then walk into another location and the consultant will see the same information.”

The single platform will also provide management information for STA to tap into for each of its regions.

Brogan predicted further significant cost reductions for the agency in terms of improved efficiency and increased productivity.

The distribution platform is already live in STA’s core markets including the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

Datalex also said it was working with another large agency with significant turnover and would reveal further details in January.

Brogan said: “We see the larger agencies getting independence from the GDSs and being in control of their own destinies – and that’s what our product is all about.”

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