Travel Network Group unveils new cruise booking platform

Travel Network Group unveils new cruise booking platform

A new search and book platform is being introduced by the Travel Network Group to members of its Cruise Club.

The technology provided by Traveltek includes direct live feeds and will be accessed through the group’s in-house dynamic packaging platform, Honeycomb.

The 85 Cruise Club members gain access to 13 cruise lines and their gross and net rates.

Group rates, exclusives and special promotions will also be available, together with the ability to search by region, port of call, past passenger number and promotion code.

The ability to view cabins, deck plans and ship facilities all is also being offered.

Gary Lewis, managing director of the Travel Network Group, said: “The IT offering across our group is getting stronger all the time.

“Honeycomb, our dynamic packaging platform, is all about delivering technology that gives members access to suppliers, net rates, and the ability to package these up under our Atol licence whilst the member controls their margin.

“Our new Cruise Club technology through Traveltek does the same but for cruise product.”

Commercial director Martin Andrew added: “This new partnership with Traveltek allows us to take our Cruise Club proposition to a new level.

“Having introduced the Cruise Club two years ago we have continually evolved the proposition and believe our offering today is unrivalled.

“One of the major advantages is the access it will give members to exclusive pricing and special promotions offered by the major cruise groups.

“Through the platform net rates will be available so that members can tailor-make competitive repackaged cruises at with no risk to them as it will be using our group Atol solution – enabling them to control their own margins and be highly competitive.”

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