Feefo unveils host of enhancements

Feefo unveils host of enhancements

Authenticated review platform Feefo is poised to start allowing consumers to add picture and video attachments and has begun compiling a net promoter measurement on its feedback.

The fast-growing UK firm has also just opened its first overseas office in Boston in the USA with three members of staff. Growth will see it add another 30 employees in the UK this year.

Andy Mabbutt, chief executive of Feefo, said that general retail was its fastest growing sector although travel clients now represent about 25% of its business.

Mabbutt said the decision to offer clients the option of a net promoter question came from requests from its customers. Around five brands are currently using it.

Net promoter is a simple way to gauge the likelihood of a customer recommending a brand to friends and family by asking customers to give a percentage.

“Companies using net promoter do not get enough information, they just get a rating and they needed a second service to get more content and analytics.

“Rather than hitting the consumer with two emails we have combined it in one.”

Feefo is also looking to develop a non-transactional model so firms can generate feedback from shoppers who do not end up buying anything.

Currently Feefo’s feedback requests are only triggered once a sale is made. Mabbutt said non-transactional feedback would be kept entirely separate from the transactional reviews.

“We are developing a non-transactional feedback product based on experience.

“We already do that for high street stores where we have forms for customers to take out so they can give us feedback on their visit.”

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