Sabre’s analytics solution offers airlines big data shopping activity insights

Sabre’s analytics solution offers airlines big data shopping activity insights

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A new data analytics solution has been introduced by Sabre designed to enable airlines to capitalise on travel demand within the Sabre Travel Network marketplace.

Sabre Marketplace Analytics will provide carriers with information to drive incremental revenue and increased yield.

Sabre believes airlines have had little-to-no visibility into the shopping activity and travel demand patterns in global distribution systems and historically were only aware of a portion of that demand once a booking is made.

“With Sabre Marketplace Analytics, airlines will now have visibility into shopping activity within the Sabre travel marketplace for their routes, including how well they are converting travel demand into bookings, a critical driver of revenue,” the company said.

“For example, an airline using Sabre Marketplace Analytics to monitor shopping data may see a surge in shopping activity for flights from Boston to Miami.

“If the airline is not converting the demand to bookings, it could leverage these insights into action by adjusting its product offering on that route, increasing its local marketing in Boston, or using promotional media options within the Sabre travel marketplace to capture a higher percentage of bookings and revenue.”

The latest initiative follows the launch a series of data-driven solutions across all segments to help customers make use of their own data to personalise and improve the traveller experience while providing growth and revenue opportunities.

Sabre Travel Network president Greg Webb said: “Our strategic investments have created world-class capabilities in data science and analytics, as well as a strong pipeline of solutions to help airlines, hotels and other segments in the travel ecosystem realise the powerful benefits of big data analytics.

“By leveraging big data and emerging visualisation techniques, Sabre is delivering unique insights and unparalleled value to help our customers more quickly see traveler trends and act on them.”

He added: “While there has been a lot of buzz about big data over the past few years, creating meaningful customer solutions that leverage data sets at this scale is still highly complex. Sabre is at the forefront of solving some of the most challenging problems associated with big data applications.”

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