Black Tomato goes back to the future with new mobile responsive website

Black Tomato goes back to the future with new mobile responsive website

Acclaimed online travel agent Black Tomato has marked its tenth anniversary by launching a new cutting-edge responsive website inspired by the heritage of the travel industry.

The London-based firm founded by Tom Marchant in 2005, has won numerous awards for its experiential approach to selling travel to clients with a luxury budget.

The new-look site was unveiled this week, now fully optimised for mobile by providing custom navigation according to which device the visitor is using.

Marchant said ease of use and inspiring content has always been at the heart of what Black Tomato’s approach.

He said: “I hope fans of our previous site will be pleased that we’ve retained our eye for good design but also improved the functionality and introduced a cleaner, fresher look.

“We really hope visitors enjoy reading about our tailor-made travel experiences and are inspired by the beautiful stand-out photography, inspirational videos and content in the new Black Tomato’s Inspirations section.”

Marchant explained that the design of the new site drew inspiration from a bygone era in travel.

“We looked around and loved the emotive connection and beauty of some of the earlier travel posters from the 1950s and 1960s.

“We wanted to celebrate this era, and what it stood for whilst combining it with the cutting edge and modern style that Black Tomato has more recently been known for.

“Marrying these two styles was a very conscious and exciting decision for us. To truly connect with your audience you need to not only stand apart from your competitors but be brave and find new ways to be emotive.

“For us, the illustrations threaded throughout the site do just this. They not only reflect the experiential focus of our trips by drawing on specific components of a journey, but through their texture and palette choices they also evoke a maturity that retains Black Tomato’s distinct personality.”

Marchant added: “Our business continues to flourish in both the UK, the US and further afield and we are incredibly excited by this recent rebuild of our website.

“Whilst we recognise that functionality and usability is of huge importance when redesigning a site, we wanted to ensure that we marry science and design. It’s incredibly important to us that we deliver both and we hope the new website does just that.

“As Black Tomato develops and its client base grows, we want to continue to innovate and maintain our position at the forefront of digital travel whilst also opening out our appeal to a wider audience. So it felt like the right time to refresh our site.”

The new site’s ‘Inspirations’ section includes a video wall, an area sharing the company’s latest Insights from around the world and opinions including trend pieces, interviews with clients or ‘tastemakers’.

Filtering and searching functions have been improved, with a Holiday Finder and country-dedicated pages designed to help visitors to the site discover new experiences and destinations.

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