TTE 2015: Codegen showcases natural language search project

TTE 2015: Codegen showcases natural language search project

UK and Sri Lanka based travel reservation systems provider Codegen has developed new natural language search technology, that analyses keywords in reviews.

The firm showcased its Savaree Ontos project at last week’s Travel Technology Europe trade show in London.

Savaree means ‘going around’ or ‘visiting places’ in Sri Lankan, Ontos is the name of the natural language project Codegen is developing.

The technology uses latest semantic search and artificial intelligence techniques to provide a very broad initial search experience.

Users can input search requirements like ‘hotels for families’ in the initial search page and a list of the most appropriate properties will be brought back.

This will be based on a percentage score match, based on the words used in the search and the meaning of words and views expressed in aggregated reviews.

The results set out the reasons why the properties have been chosen and the user can see the reviews that the system has interrogated.

Results offer insight about what is considered to be good about a particular property and a secondary set of questions are generated that can refine the original search.

The system also has a machine learning engine, so that it will automatically improve the quality of the suggestions.

Codegen said the concept gets as close to the experience of a real life travel agent as possible and moves away from search via a static form filling template.

No customer is live as yet with the technology and some of the natural language capability is still in development.

An API is being built and Codegen is looking to integrate with review sites to test the speed at which it can interrogate thousands of reviews and bring back live results.

It can currently handle on English, but other languages will be added.

Customers of Codegen’s Travelbox tour operating reservations system have started using new dynamic packaging technology that can bring back results for regions.

To date dynamic packaging has been limited to point to point queries, but customers of the likes of Virgin Holidays can now search ‘all Caribbean’ instead of having to stipulate a specific destination.

The system then bring back the best packages and the customer can then refine the search by deselecting destinations within the Caribbean that do not interest them.

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