TTE 2015: Intuitive client win opens up package tour operating market

TTE 2015: Intuitive client win opens up package tour operating market

Croydon-based dynamic packaging software specialist Intuitive is adding more traditional pre-packaging functionality to its technology offering, after winning new clients.

The firm has taken on Classic Collection Holidays and managing director Paul Nixon said it was close to signing a deal with another tailor-made operator.

He said this would “open up the tour operator space for us,” and claimed that addressing technical challenges in the UK reduces the risk when expanding overseas.

“We need more customers to grow,” said Nixon.

“We are a private equity-backed business and they did not get involved to see us stand still.”

“It feels easier to grow in the UK, culturally. If we can overcome the technical challenges here, it takes out some of the risk factors when working in overseas markets.”

Nixon said operators’ web and supplier technologies were relatively sophisticated, but that Intuitive was focusing on the “glue in the middle” that sticks them together.

He said that operators were looking for the “best of both worlds,” combining the virtues of a dynamic packaging system and a more traditional pre-packaged model.

To meet this demand Intuitive is developing a package builder module with call centre integration, so that packages can be booked seamlessly.

Nixon said the challenge was adding this functionality and increasing complexity while volumes are growing through existing customers and maintaining the speed of the system.

Nixon added that Intuitive is seeing clients move away from a focus on the quantity of suppliers, towards product that comes with decent content like quality images.

He also said customers are looking at their administration costs and demanding solutions that can automate functions or allow consumers to self-administer things like changes to bookings.

“If you are running a call centre doing three thousand bookings a day that is important functionality,” he said.

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