Best Western announces Shotels concept for ‘app savvy’ travellers

Best Western announces Shotels concept for ‘app savvy’ travellers

A new hotel brand is being introduced by Best Western for ‘app savvy’ travellers who want to access to gaming pods, Google+ and the latest technology in their rooms.

Richard Lewis, chief executive of Best Western GB, is projecting a concept called ‘Shotels,’ which will appear in the UK under the Vib brand, which he claims could be a “game changer” for the hotel industry.

No details have been given on when or where the first property will appear, under the consortium’s first new hotel brand in 70 years.

Best Western Vib will have large lobby areas with media walls as well as gaming pods, in addition to guests being able to sync and customise content in rooms.

Lewis said: “The change of direction for Best Western into what we are calling Shotels reflects a major new travel trend, not just for the UK but worldwide.

“The birth of Shotels, in my opinion, is as era defining for the UK as the shift from booking a holiday on the high street to booking one online. They will come to redefine holiday stays as we currently know them.”

He added: “Shotels are about the visual and interactive experience. Today’s travellers are increasingly swapping afternoon tea for apps because technology has revolutionised travel behaviours. Shotels reflect and meet those changing digital demands.

“Whereas in traditional Best Western hotels guests might have used the social areas in isolation from everyone else or felt more comfortable in their bedrooms Shotels will flip that concept on its head.

“The technology will encourage guests to leave their rooms and enrich their experiences in the lobby by enjoying spending time interacting with the gadgets as much as their fellow guests.

“Shotels will be a gamechanger for the whole hotel and hospitality industry.”

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