TTE 2015: Digital Trip adds walkthrough system guides and fraud protection

TTE 2015: Digital Trip adds walkthrough system guides and fraud protection

Digital Trip has made its technology simpler to use and increased the protection from fraud that it offers.

The Bournemouth based travel technology specialist has created step-by-step walkthrough guides for 90 of its modules, it plans to have all 200 covered by the summer.

Andy Speight, managing director, said it was important for Digital Trip to make sure it’s clients get value from their investment, the firm endeavours to ensure that its technology is affordable for smaller travel firms.

He said: “We have gone back to scratch and built a lot of functionality on the front end and made it affordable but that does not mean you have to be a genius to use it.

“We have asked ourselves if it is for the average user. They are not technology companies, they don’t have tech divisions. No training is involved and with the walkthroughs in place assistance is available 24/7.”

Digital Trip has also reacted to what it sees as a growing demand for greater fraud protection by offering Trustev free of charge to all of its customers. Owned by Telefonica, Trustev checks credit card payments analysing up to 800 data points to combat fraud.

Speight says Trustev claims 99.5% of fraud is detected by the system, which being global and community based is able to blacklist perpetrators so they can’t re-offend.

“We think that’s absolutely fundamental in travel,” said Speight, “because margins are so tight. If you loose a couple of grand due to fraud it can take months to replenish that.”

Speight added Digital Trip has never had a security breach but the recent hack of shows it can happen even to the biggest firms and fraud prevention was one of the questions raised by its customers.

Using Trustev gives it global coverage which Digital Trip needs to cover the increasingly international nature of its business, now in 51 countries.

Recent client wins for Digital Trip include Worldchoice Ireland, an agency consortium with 62 members. It has signed up the largest inbound and outbound tour operator in the Lebanon; Kurban Travel. It’s also about to move South African membership scheme Edgars, with 15 million members, on to its platform.

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