TripAdvisor’s new feature helps users explore city neighbourhoods

TripAdvisor’s new feature helps users explore city neighbourhoods

TripAdvisor has introduced new information designed to make it easier for travellers to find local restaurants, attractions and accommodation.

The ‘neighbourhoods’ feature is available for Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York City, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo with plans to add additional cities in the future.

Users visiting selected popular tourist destination pages with the neighbourhoods feature on TripAdvisor desktop and mobile sites can view descriptions of each city’s primary local areas, as well as a map displaying the locations. Travellers can then select a neighbourhood to explore the area in greater detail, by viewing photos and reading traveller reviews about hotels, restaurants and attractions.

The new feature incorporates content from TripAdvisor media brands Tripbod and Oyster.

The online review site’s global product vice president, Adam Medros, said: “TripAdvisor’s new neighbourhoods feature combines millions of traveller insights along with curated content to help travellers explore the distinctive parts of some of the world’s most travelled cities.

“Big city neighbourhoods often feel like cities unto themselves – and our neighbourhoods feature gives travellers a powerful tool to discover all of the unique spots these popular cities have to offer.”

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