enlists 10 Yetis for online consumer campaign enlists 10 Yetis for online consumer campaign is set to embark on an online consumer marketing push.

The aim is to raise brand awareness and generate online coverage surrounding the company.

The operator will be positioned as a leading provider of cottage holidays across the UK, emphasising its ability to offer a personal touch and tailored holidays.

Andy Barr, spokesman for digital agency 10 Yetis, which has been employed to carry out the campaign, said: “We are really looking forward to working with and helping them with their digital marketing efforts.

“When a client has as much industry knowledge and as strong a reputation as the company does, our job is made infinitely more enjoyable.”

The operator’s managing director James Morris said: “We are keen to expand our reputation amongst certain areas, and through their proven track record of results with similar digital marketing campaigns, we’re excited to see where our journey with the Yetis will lead us.”

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