Innsbruck Airport to use Amadeus’s cloud-based solutions

Innsbruck Airport to use Amadeus’s cloud-based solutions

Amadeus has announced that it has agreed a deal with Innsbruck Airport to deliver a range of new airport solutions. This will see the first complete cloud-based common use environment in an airport.

Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) will allow Innsbruck’s airlines and ground handling firms to use cloud technology to access passenger processing systems.

The solution will also provide benefits such as allowing Innsbruck to easily reassign passenger check-in and boarding operations to alternative locations.

Innsbruck Airport is also implementing Amadeus’ Airport Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS). The common data source will save Innsbruck airline customers the burden of exchanging costly baggage messages.

Airport Passenger Verification (PV) will permit automated passenger checks at various points within the airport. The resulting data will help the airport to make informed decisions at critical moments, such as offering more tailored services or upselling airport loyalty programmes.

Innsbruck Airport’s head of IT, Michael Herrmann, said: “With the greater flexibility of these Amadeus airport solutions, we can minimise passenger disruption in unforeseen circumstances, reduce delays, and guarantee a 100% reconciliation rate between passengers and their baggage.

“Sharing IT resources and using cloud technology will also free up revenue and physical space to be able to develop our commercial offerings for passengers.”

Amadeus’s head of airport IT, John Jarrell, added: “We are pleased that airports such as Innsbruck are seeing that innovation can indeed occur in Common Use, replacing older concepts and infrastructure.

“Airports are facing numerous business challenges today, not least struggling to cope with increasing passenger traffic when aeronautical revenues are declining.”

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