Lufthansa adopts Amadeus recognition and personalisation tech

Lufthansa adopts Amadeus recognition and personalisation tech

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Technology which allows airlines to better recognise business travellers at the time of booking is being adopted by Lufthansa.

The Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition tool ensures strategic tailormade offers can be provided across all stages of the journey, enhancing both the corporate purchasing and wider travel experience in the process.

By automatically recognising the corporation to which a business traveller belongs, personalisation can begin from the moment the flight is booked.

This could mean offering preferential handling from the first booking step onwards, or that individual business travellers are managed as valued customers at the airport and are fast-tracked through security.

Airlines can automatically offer tailored ancillary services such as baggage and preferential seat options.

Lufthansa’s global sales and key account management vice president, Christian Tillmans, said: “Corporate travellers remain the core customer group for global network carriers such as Lufthansa.

“Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition allows us to both retain and increase the value delivered to corporate customers and business travellers alike.

“This development is a key milestone on our journey to offering an even more personalised and differentiated experience, enabling us to respond better to the customers’ need, increase customer satisfaction and drive higher productivity at the same time.”

Amadeus’s airline IT senior vice president, Julia Sattel, said: “Corporate travellers of today expect even higher levels of personalisation than passengers travelling for leisure.

“In a world where full service airlines face increasing competition from low cost carriers and hybrid carriers, there is a need to take the next step towards a truly personalised experience.

“Whilst this solution benefits the individual traveller, it also allows airlines to boost their relationship with key corporations as a whole – meaning airlines’ loyalty divisions can use the solution in a strategic manner.

“This is the latest step in our bid to ensure we focus our energies on the evolving 21st century traveller, enabling airlines to connect, serve and manage their customers in the most effective way possible.”

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