Hyatt to provide free Wi-Fi to all guests

Hyatt to provide free Wi-Fi to all guests

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All Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide will provide free Wi-Fi to guests, regardless of booking method used.

The company has announced that Wi-Fi will be available to guests on an unlimited number of devices, both in guest rooms and social areas of Hyatt-branded hotels.

Hyatt’s vice president of brands, Kristine Rose, said: “We continue to evolve our offerings by listening to our guests, and for Hyatt, it didn’t feel natural to put barriers around something travellers view as an essential part of their hotel stay.

“More than 500 Hyatt-branded hotels and resorts worldwide are excited to now provide Wi-Fi free of charge in guestrooms and social spaces, no strings attached.”

Nearly 90% of Hyatt hotels have made investments in their networks in the past three years.

Guests with Platinum and Diamond Hyatt Gold Passport membership will receive a free upgrade to premium Wi-Fi services wherever available, and guests will have the option to purchase premium services in those locations. Premium allows for more bandwidth-intensive activities, such as gaming and streaming films or television shows.

The free Wi-Fi does not extend to meeting rooms, and hotels will continue to work with event organisers to arrange the appropriate networking support.

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