hopes to rediscover mojo with ‘lustminute’ campaign hopes to rediscover mojo with ‘lustminute’ campaign’s new Valentine’s Day campaign has generated plenty of social media interest.

The campaign which launched on February 9th, uses images of famous art, monuments, delicacies and transportation to promote its #Lustminute Valentine’s Weekends Away.

Newspaper adverts and video footage are also being used, with careful editing and layouts to get the maximum effect. The result is a campaign that promotes various European destinations with a saucy, ‘Carry-On’ feel to what a romantic weekend should be about.

An advert The Metro newspaper generated plenty of Twitter activity, with the #Lustminute hashtag. The majority of comments made were positive and responded with a mixture of feigned innocence, along with some cheeky comments.

The video is the latest used by the OTA to generate interest. Previous efforts include a series recording the adventures of Jamie,’s spontaneity champion, and ‘Farage loves Europe’ which edited snippets of the Ukip leader to show him extolling the virtues of Europe.

Amanda Cumine, brand and communications director of, explains: “Who would have thought Europe is such a sensually enticing place. With our video we want to put a smile on people’s face or pink flush on their cheeks and reinforce our irreverent brand personality.

“Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to remind everyone of how fun spontaneity is and the reasons to love living last minute – doing this in a bit of a cheeky way sits at the heart of everything we do.”

Social media will be used to promote the video, by posting links and screen shots across the OTA’s Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter accounts.

The #Lustminute video can be seen via’s YouTube channel.

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