Monarch uses new Google search tool

Monarch Airlines will use a new business search platform developed by Google in a bid to reduce the number inbound emails from customers and provide better information on its website.

The Google Custom Search Engine has been available as a user beta version since late-2006 but has since been modified for commercial websites to include email and call centre support, and advertising opportunities.

The website will use the search engine to channel any questions customers may have to relevant sites such as partners for hotels, car hire, car parking and travel insurance.

E-commerce manager Ian Chambers said: “With the recent changes to hand baggage regulations and the increased focus on airline security, the volume of Monarch customers with travel queries on these issues was rising.

“We also use the improved search results to intercept inbound email enquiries and give
customers another chance to find the answer to their question before they finally hit ‘send’.”

The airline said it has already seen a 30% reduction in email-based enquiries since it installed the system on the FlyMonarch site.

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