Travel experiences start-up Let’sGoDo to launch by hosting virtual Notting Hill Carnival

Travel experiences start-up Let’sGoDo to launch by hosting virtual Notting Hill Carnival

Online travel experience start-up Let’s GoDo is set to launch by hosting the official virtual Notting Hill Carnival at the end this month. is a new platform that connects travellers with unique, local experiences, worldwide, both real and virtual.

Hosts invite individuals to take part allowing people to witness first-hand the culture, local hot spots and leisure activities not usually found in conventional travel guides.

Let’s GoDo will officially launch this month by hosting the online version of the iconic Notting Hill, Carnival: Access All Areas on August 29, 30, and 31.

It is the first time in its 54-year history that the Notting Hill Carnival has moved entirely online and the world-famous annual event hopes to reach a global audience.

Visitors can register with to watch four separate channels exclusively and free.

The three-day event will feature music and sound systems, dancing and performances and food and drink will be brought to visitors to the website.

Let’s GoDo founder and chief executive, Juliana Chies, said: “I have always been a traveller and many times a solo traveller.

“On my trips around the world I realised how many days of holiday we ‘miss’, until we

meet a local that might take us to the great spots of a local town, or give us the right tips and insights that you don’t read about in the travel guides.

“When we are on holiday we want to live like locals, eat what they eat and do what they do, so I decided to create Let’s GoDo to connect travellers and locals from around the world, through  sharing experiences and passions.

“So you can now plan your holiday from home and be sure you will be doing what you love and meeting like-minded locals that share your passions.”

Chies added, in the ‘new normal’ COVID-19 world, connecting with communities has become even more significant.

“With the outbreak of Covid-19 we had to readapt, so we created the online experiences, whereby people can still witness amazing experiences live online and in-person.

“The online experiences make it possible for everyone to experience other cultures from your home, to learn new things, to meet new people and acquire new skills.”

Let’s Good hopes the platform will offer a brand new revenue stream within the travel and leisure industry allowing hosts to monetise their passions, interests and local insights.

The firms says: “It will give locals a chance to use their skills and experiences to generate new sources of income or enhance existing incomes.

“These can be any sorts of activities, vetted by the Let’s GoDo team, whether sharing their

passion for cooking, painting or opera singing.

“If social distancing has made it difficult to host the experience, the host can get creative by showing videos of their city to create an amazing experience online.”

Hosts can register and set up a Let’s GoDo rofile and the site says it will ensure quality by approving all experiences before they go live. It does not require previous host experience.

Once signed up, the Let’s GoDo team will offer tips and advice to optimise the

host’s profile and reach as many people as possible with the relevant tags and keywords.

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