TNG announces record month for in-house dynamic packaging platform Honeycomb

TNG announces record month for in-house dynamic packaging platform Honeycomb

Honeycomb, the Travel Network Group’s in-house dynamic packaging platform, has become the second-largest booking platform used by members.

Almost two thirds of members are using the in-house technology with a record month for bookings in January.

Introduced in 2012, the system is now being used by more than 550 members.

Gary Lewis, group managing director, said: “Honeycomb has been a huge success story for us, with many members telling us that the system is now an integral part of their business.

“We are committed to ensuring that this platform continues to develop by constantly adding new product suppliers and making system enhancements, ensuring it’s an evolving technology that is meeting the needs of members.

“We knew that one of the main drivers for success for Honeycomb would be giving members access to a huge variety of product and today the system offers feeds from all the industry’s major players.”

The group has extended the operational hours of its Honeycomb support centre and added a 24-hour emergency line, which has led to a claimed 200 per cent rise in bookings with some top users achieving conversion rates of up to 30 per cent and commissions of 18 per cent or more.

Lisa Henning, group membership services director, said: “We have added a number of new support features on Honeycomb and they have all been well received by members.”

Paul Waters, director of Premier Travel, one of the Travel Network Group’s largest members, said: “Rolling out Honeycomb across our 21 branches has allowed our retail team to improve the efficiency of how we dynamically package product for our customers and at the same time improve our margins. We are very excited by the potential that we see in Honeycomb for our business.”

The next system enhancement to Honeycomb would be to bring deposit only fares for some flight only feeds, according to Henning.

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