MTT creates concierge app to relieve ‘day of travel’ frustrations

MTT creates concierge app to relieve ‘day of travel’ frustrations

Dublin technology specialist Mobile Travel Technologies has created a concierge app based on feedback from customers about their frustrations with their airport experience.

Concierge Live helps airlines to transform customer service on the ‘day of travel’ by offering real-time information updates and contextual advice through the app.

The development comes after travellers vented their ‘day of travel’ frustrations in research carried out by MTT. The study combined an online survey with one-on-one interviews with travellers and airport observation.

Respondents said getting to the airport on time, making it through check-in, bag drop, security and then reaching their gate on time are constant issues.

This is worsened by any delays and cancellations and the lack of clear and up-to-date information. Lost baggage and making flight connections are also major areas of concern.

Half the respondents said finding out what to do if bags are lost is either “difficult” or “fairly difficult.” Over 60% find it difficult to find the right information when making flight connections.

In MTT’s airport observations, over a quarter of travellers who had checked-in online and obtained boarding passes still queued to speak to customer service representatives, to ask if they needed to check-in at the airport.

Many unknowingly stood in the wrong queue only to be directed to another queue in the same terminal, and almost 50% of questions to ground staff were for airport directions.

Respondents were asked what are the most important mobile services that airlines could provide on their day of travel,  to improve the travel experience.

Responses included traffic updates en route to the airport, live flight status, information on check-in and gate location, length of security queues, accurate flight disruption information, where bags are and flight connection details.

When travellers were asked if they thought they would take more trips, if the airport and air travel experience were to be improved, 67% said yes.

And almost all travellers (93%) said they wanted mobile updates regarding important ‘day of travel’ information during their trips.

Gerry Samuels, chief executive of MTT, said: “Today’s travellers are not getting the level of service they need and deserve on their day of travel. In times of disruption for example, a lack of information causes more distress than bad news.

“Once travellers know exactly what is going on, they are more accepting of the delay and can plan around it.

“MTT’s new product, Concierge Live, has been designed to transform how airlines service customers on their day of travel. This product has been built to ensure a smooth and efficient traveller experience at every stage of the journey.”

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