Infographic: Ryanair’s online journey from take-off to cruising altitude

Infographic: Ryanair’s online journey from take-off to cruising altitude

Since adopting its budget carrier model, Ryanair has enjoyed a high profile in the travel sector

And this year, as it marks its 30th birthday, it claims to be on track to become the first airline to break the 100 million annual passenger mark.

With Irishman Michael O’Leary at the helm, the company has grown from a small Irish airline to Europe’s largest and most profitable carrier.

Along the way we have been witness to the business brilliance and to the airline’s outspoken chief executive Michael O’Leary.

But we have also seen his own admitted lack of understanding regarding customer service and the lack of importance the company previously placed on it.

Ryanair has changed substantially since its inception. It moved online in 2000 and for many years it thrived and even boasted about the fact that it offered low cost travel and after that, everything else was a possible revenue driving add-on that the customer could pay for.

This info-graphic from DPFOC charts the journey of the company and examines in depth the online element of the company’s growth.

Ryanair’s journey into online hasn’t been without its bumps but today, after a sizeable change in tactics in terms of customer service, the airline continues to grow.

Ryanair Info Graphic

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