WAYN to renew focus on user generated content

Wayn.com launching a travel guide service that will focus on user contributions, allowing readers to add to the ‘base content’ provided by travel content partners.

The new guide will allow users to add reviews, ratings, photos, videos, blog entries and more.

Users will also be able to book a trip. This involves Wayn.com combining the community with a transactional platform, offering travel providers the opportunity to sponsor a section of site.

WAYN co-founder and co-chief executive Jerome Touze said: “Each page will present a feature of the month, which will provide increased exposure for our clients, compared to traditional advertising mediums.”

Touze said the site’s aim is to differentiate its advertising and its partnership proposition for travel companies, taking advantage of the fact that most Wayn.com users are interested in travel and present what he calls “a good DNA match” with travel companies.

“Our demographics are very attractive given the balance of our users, more than 50% of whom are over the age of 35, according to Hitwise,” added Touze.

Smaller outfits or more traditional offline-based operators will have the opportunity to start working with Wayn.com on a smaller scale to promote niche or targeted product offerings.

“It is in our interest to ensure we create the most relevant campaign for them to maximise return on investment,” said Touze.

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