Homeworking travel agency launched magazine-style travel podcast

Homeworking travel agency launched magazine-style travel podcast

Not Just Travel, has launched a consumer-focussed “magazine-style” podcast.

The Travel Podcast will have features and interviews with industry experts, destination features on countries and cities, topical discussion around trends.

It will also feature industry news including on the coronavirus, and “inspiration and travel wanderlust” to encourage customers to think of holidays.

The homeworking firm’s co-founder Steve Witt will be among those hosting two weekly episodes, which will have interviews with tourism organisations, airlines, holiday companies, bloggers and journalists.

The first episodes will feature Las Vegas, Australia, Lapland and Antigua and Barbuda.

Witt said: “People might think now is a strange time to launch a travel podcast when we are in lockdown, but we think it’s the perfect time. Our aim is to create the most popular travel podcast available. Not only can we help people explore the world from the comfort of their homes and provide inspiration and a bit of joy during these tough times, we can also help give them the most up to date information as travel restrictions are lifted and the world begins to take its first steps out of lockdown. We can also give first class advice to customers about what they want to know now – what’s possible? what’s not? – We’ll keep you up to date.”

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