Coronavirus: Tech start-ups and accommodation firms launch Rooms Against COVID

Coronavirus: Tech start-ups and accommodation firms launch Rooms Against COVID

European technology start-ups and accommodation associations have joined forces to launch a non-profit Rooms Against COVID initiative.

Over 3000 volunteers from multiple companies are working with properties to support relocated healthcare professionals with complimentary accommodation.

Rooms Against Covid has initially started in Portugal but travel professionals and firms are being encouraged to introduce the initiative into their home markets.

Pedro Colaco, chief executive at Guestcentric Systems, said: “While many have the privilege to self-isolate from COVID-19, healthcare professionals continue to put their lives on the line to protect the health of the general population worldwide.

“The increased risk of catching COVID-19 means that thousands of healthcare professionals are focused on protecting their families from exposure.

“The increased demand on healthcare services combined with extended periods of separation from loved ones can make an already stressful situation even more challenging.”

Tiago Araujo, co-founder of HiJiffy, added: “The truth is that we cannot stop COVID-19 if we don’t look after our healthcare professionals who are in the front line fighting the virus, first.

“The goal of Rooms Against Covid is to support healthcare professionals with convenient access to accommodation during this pandemic.

“Thus, alleviating the burden of them having to share accommodation with families and friends and risk exposing their loved ones to COVID-19,” he added.

Colaco said: “Demand is high, as is to be expected, and we have already received high volumes of reservations within hours of launching the platform.

“Therefore, we need more properties to open their doors. We can only accept hotels licensed apartments due to insurance and liability issues.

“We will need full hotels for this use, as we cannot risk cross-contamination from healthcare professionals and guests.”

“We are starting in Portugal where our largest team sits. Our goal is to expand to other countries quickly, as we see that this is a global issue.”

Any licensed property owners that would like to participate in the project or a travel industry professional that wants to help launch this project in their country can visit the About Rooms Against Covid website.

The Rooms Against Covid partnership is part of a wider TechForCovid19 initiative that was launched by 120 different tech start-ups and companies across Portugal in less than 48 hours.


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