Coronavirus: Beonprice opens up revenue management academy for free to hoteliers

Coronavirus: Beonprice opens up revenue management academy for free to hoteliers

As the hotel industry battles the global COVID-19 crisis, hospitality revenue management tech firm Beonprice is opening its online academy for free.

The firm said the academy will “offer a training resource for hotel staff during the unprecedented period of low activity, preparing staff for when travel recommences”.

Beonprice says it is encouraging hoteliers and their teams to look forward and start preparing for the future.

Neville Isaac, chief customer officer at Beonprice, said: “This training will help build the culture of revenue management among professionals and organisations, working to increase the competitiveness of hotels when their doors reopen and strengthen teams’ ability to recover when borders reopen and tourism returns.”

The firm said it aims to ‘tool up’ hoteliers so they and their teams are ready to rebuild the industry when the opportunity arises.

“By making revenue management training available to the sector for free, Beonprice shows its commitment to being a good travel companion for any journey hotels go on.

“Preparing for the future is key for hotel teams who are suffering low occupancies or closure during this time.”

The Beonprice academy was designed by its experts to improve processes as well as changing the culture within organisations. It is available in English and Spanish.

The basic certification is available for free through the Academy’s online training platform.

The offer is open to anyone working in the hotel industry, as well as the wider tourism and hospitality sector, until further notice.

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