Revealed – The deadly risks travellers take to get the perfect selfie

Revealed – The deadly risks travellers take to get the perfect selfie

Phone case retailer has conducted a survey that found people are five time more likely to die from a selfie than a shark attack.

With Instagram culture dominant among young adults and an average of 43 people dying while taking a selfie each year, surveyed just how far people are willing to go for their perfect photo.

The survey, with 2,023 responses from 999 women and 1,024 men, found 93% believe it is extremely important to get a good photo on holiday.

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A third of respondents have gone to a destination strictly to take a photo and nearly half of the them said they would stand on the edge of a cliff to get the picture.

Behind standing on a cliff, 19% said they would stand on a train track and 7% would climb a tall building or landmark. says it has been found that standing on the edge of a cliff, a train track and climbing a building or landmark are the most common ways people die taking a photo.

In addition, the survey found 41% of respondents have risked their safety to take a photo and men are over three times more likely to injure themselves (17%) than women (5%) while taking the picture.

4% of respondents even admitted to endangering someone else for the sake of a good photo.

Respondents admitted to incidents including falling “halfway down a hill,” getting knocked to the ground by a wave, and another said her friend had fallen off her bike while trying to take a photo of her riding.

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