TTE Preview: Huddle up – it’s time to talk tech

TTE Preview: Huddle up – it’s time to talk tech

With less than two weeks to go until Travel Technology Europe returns for its 17th year, we look at one of the event’s unique features, the Tech Huddles.

These informal ‘round table’ style discussions for up to 20 people each focus on one of the industry’s hot topics and are designed for travel professionals to share their thoughts and have an open discussion with their peers.

Whether you want to talk virtual payments, personalisation or online revenue, there’s bound to be a huddle for you…

Innovation for lazy people:

Hosted by Mike Adam, Executive Chairman at Amigo Technology, this tech huddle is intended to help those who are tasked with innovating in large, established travel businesses and struggle with legacy technology. He’ll discuss the many “quick wins” still available to travel enterprises and how continuous, startup-style experimentation can be possible even in legacy businesses.
Day one @ 12:15 – 12:55, Tech Huddle Zone B

Is the telephone dead?

With experts predicting 2020 as the year for AI and Automation in travel, Daktela’s commercial director Steve McSherry looks at the latest customer communication technology and asks whether the telephone still has a role to play within the customer journey.

As part of this discussion he’ll ask the questions: How can we bridge generational gaps? How can we appeal to new customers and retain existing? What does the future consumer expect.
Day one @ 13:15 – 13:55, Tech Huddle Zone A

Getting the most out of your virtual cards

Tiago Coimbra, Strategic Business Development Manager at Ixaris, discusses strategies and tactics for optimising the use of virtual cards: cutting costs, improving efficiencies and boosting margins. He’ll share his insights into why payments needn’t be an expense and can even generate revenue.
Day one @ 13:15 – 13:55, Tech Huddle Zone B

Converting ‘the ones that got away’

In this tech huddle, OtherLevels’ Hugo Vint, will be discussing how to convert more of your anonymous website visitors into ‘known users’. Targeting prospects off-site, without the need to invest in additional paid media, to drive them back to generate more micro conversions like signing up for email or calling the sales team.
Day one @ 14:15 – 1:55, Tech Huddle Zone B

True personalisation utilising dynamic data

The customer experience is heading to a place of personal interactions, but how can travel brands provide bespoke communications en masse? Force24’s Jake Sweeny will use this tech huddle to share how dynamic data enables them to communicate with their customers as people, on a one-to-one basis: moving away from personas that try to group them neatly into one of several categories.
Day one @ 14:15 – 1:55, Tech Huddle Zone A

Leveraging technology to scale your tour operator

One of the biggest technology challenges facing the sector is the scaling of mid office and back office solutions. Lots of investment has been put into the customer experience but very little into the travel agent workflow and experience.  Janice Sousa, CEO and Co-Founder of Groupdesk will use her tech huddle to share the top 5 technologies that leading Tour Operators are using to solve key scaling challenges.
Day two @ 11:15 – 11:55, Tech Huddle Zone B

How will real time payments improve your customer experience?

This informative discussion with industry experts Premtim Tafili and Catherine Dixon, will identify common pain points and solutions for travel providers and discuss how real time payments will improve the customer experience.
Day two @ 12:15 – 12:55, Tech Huddle Zone A

A practical guide to growing online rooms revenue whilst reducing costs

For independent hoteliers tired of being over-reliant on expensive 3rd party agents, concerned that their pricing is not being managed, or that room yield is too low, this tech huddle, hosted by David Collins, Revanista co-founder, will include a look at some practical, proven measures to improve online performance.
Day two @ 12:15 – 12:55, Tech Huddle Zone B

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