Endacott invests in B2B concierge service Travlet

Endacott invests in B2B concierge service Travlet

Former Teletext Holidays and Airtours boss Steve Endacott has made an investment in B2B concierge service Travlet.

Investment from Endacott and Veridian Ventures will be used to rapidly roll out the company’s services across London’s major hotel groups and multi-national expansion in 2020.

It works by giving hotel guests a personalised online concierge service, offering shopping, theatre, attractions, restaurants and other planning tools up to 21 days ahead of arrival.

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Travlet chief executive James Harrabin said: “We all know that many guests use their smart phones and Google to plan their visits and explore things to do when they arrive in a city.

“However, research shows that 48% of the time guests wait too long and cannot find availability or have to pay inflated prices on resale sites to see the events or attractions they want – detracting from their city visit experience.

“By providing personalised, recommended itineraries in advance – via our platform – hotels can enhance a guest’s stay, increase guest satisfaction and generate new revenues.”

All items are bookable via email, WhatsApp and text, and generates an average commission of 10% to hotels.

Endacott said: “I have a history of starting or investing in successful B2B businesses, and I like Travlet’s business model as it avoids the need to establish a consumer brand, thus eliminating the need for expensive third-party advertising costs such as Google Ads.

“Travlet’s platform also makes intelligent use of partner data and guest data to personalise results for guests, leading to a better experience and trip/stay. It provides a win-win solution for both the end customer and hotels, with minimal up-front costs and good commission levels. I believe it is a scalable new distribution channel.”

Travlet has integrated into a large number of hotel management systems and claims that the process takes only a few days to become operational for a hotel.

It says it has already reached “critical mass” in London, its first location, and plans to use recently-raised finance to allow it to roll out across Europe and the USA.

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